I guess you all know this scenario: after a long day of shopping or university, you are longing for a great meal and something to drink. The question is: where to go? If you are very hungry and need the challenge, then check out „Meatropolis“ for XXL food and drinks. It’s centrally located in the […]

BARke (Currywurst)

Hello everybody, today’s recommendation is something special in a way that none of our previously presented restaurants have been. The Currywurst ( which can be translated as curried sausage) portion of the BARke is a rather small part of the actual business. Still, I decided to inform you on this part of it, other then […]

Party Route A

(A) CAFÉ M     Elisabethstraße 10 18057 Rostock The „Café M“ is a lovely little Café near the campus “Ulmenstraße”. You can enjoy drinks like hot apple juice with cinnamon or delicious cocktails. They offer little snacks as well. In summer you can sit outside to feel the sunlight on your skin. There is […]

Ostseewelten 5D-….whaat?!

……………FIVE ………..FOUR .…..THREE ……TWO ….ONE   ……..… Dimensions!!!!!                             …all in just ONE place: go and see by yourself at the Ostsee Welten in Warnemünde   You might know that a 3D movie is, right? A three-dimensional motion picture that enhance the illusion of being actually in the movie. A so-called illusion o depth perception.   […]

CineCineCineStar in Rostock

You might have heart or read the name CineStar before. It’s a movie theater company which has over 70 cinema in all Germany.   Here, common movies can be watched and enjoyed. From horror to love movies From science-fiction to documentaries From action movies to crimes From mystery to western From …   In Rostock, […]

Tag der Zoologie- Day of Zoology

On July 2 it’s the 140th anniversary of the zoological Institute in Rostock So, the whole day will be dedicated to guess what?! zoology .   What can you expect? -Lots of stimuli or all your senses! And way more than the 3D Show they will show…   What will your eyes be looking forward […]

Dos and Don’ts in the traffic

Germany is well known for its public transport system. Hence for a backpacker a good way to travel through Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is by train or bus. If you go to Rostock, you will even have the possibility to get by the interurban train or tram from one place to another. Isn’t that luxury?! Still, there […]

A very different museum: Bunker 302

Another guest blog; this time from a guest writer called Andreas Foth, who I have had the pleasure of instructing Business. As we were discussing interesting activities for visiting tourists to the region, Andreas mentioned a place that I have never heard of in all my years here but now feel compelled to go and […]

The Barnstorfer Wald (Southwest of Rostock)

After a long and heavy night of partying, you might feel the need to relax and sober up. One nice place to calm down lies in the southwestern part of Rostock: the ‘Barnstorfer Wald’ – a huge, 156 Hectare, forest resort near the Ostseestadion. It is divided into 2 parts. The more eastern part offers […]


Wednesday | 22nd June | FANAM Sports Party This is the second try of the FANAM (Fachschaft Anglistik/Amerikanistik) to start their interesting event. Due to bad weather at the actual date (8th June) they shifted the HIGHLAND GAMES to the 22nd June. Cross your fingers for better weather this time and join our party! You […]

The Mensa of Rostock

Hello again, this time I am going to present you something that is not really considered to be a restaurant. Nevertheless, I do think that this entry will help you getting food for cheap and of high quality. I am talking about the Mensen of the Studentenwerk Rostock. These canteens provide students and everyone else […]

Fête De La Musique

You like live music, good-tempered people and a heated atmosphere? Next to lots of fun those are the things that will expect you on the music street festival “Fête De La Musique”. It has its origin in France thirty years back and was supposed to reflect the French passion for music. Nowadays it takes place […]