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When I was a student in France, my weeks consisted of studying, having a drink (or two) at the bar, or going back to my small town in the countryside at the weekend to see my family. Since I’ve moved to Rostock, my weekends have become quite boring and staying in my flat on nice days depresses me. With my friends, it became obvious, even obligatory, to find activities to do in a group (other than spending the afternoon on the terrace of a café or bar). I’ll share with you what we found.

First, we found two climbing halls, one in Rostock and one in Warnemünde. The gym in Rostock is called 45 Grad. Open from 11am to 10pm on weekdays, and 10am to 10pm on weekends, the price of the day ticket varies from 11 euros to 6 euros depending on whether you are an adult, a student, or a child. If this seems a bit expensive, there are several possible reductions. First, there is the special “Early Bird” rate of 8.50 euros and 7 euros for students. There are also advantages if you go in a group of 10 people. If you are a big fan of climbing and want to go regularly, you can take out a subscription! I can’t compare with the French prices, but I find the service provided and the experience worth the price.

The Felshelden gym, located in Warnemünde, at the Werft stop of the S-bahn, in the direction of Warnemünde, is a bit cheaper but much smaller than the first one, there is no possibility to do abseiling. I personally tried this one first, as well as climbing for the first time in my life, so I must have a special attachment to it.

If the weather is good, you can opt for tennis! At about 40 euros for 1 hour, you will find a rest area with seats and a coffee table next to the courts at Tiergartenalle 8. A smaller tennis court is available for beginners and it’s just a good opportunity to make your friends chase the ball (or hit them with the racket, but if you break it, you must pay again).

Much more recently, on the KTV side, we discovered a place where you can bowl and play pool. It will cost you about 12 euros for an hour of bowling and about 5 euros for billiards. Located at Ottostrasse 25, City Bowling takes us back to the 90s with 3D animations that make fools of us with every failure. The atmosphere is very good and warm and there is plenty to eat and drink.

Finding activities to occupy your afternoons remains quite affordable and diversified, obviously I have not listed everything (I have a huge thought for this tearoom where you can decorate your cup that I unfortunately have not tried yet). As I have a passion for sports activities, I preferred to highlight these three places where you can spend time and have fun, alone or with your friends


45 Grad:


Tennis association:

City Bowling:

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