A great place for a comfy picnic: the beach chairs in Warnemünde

Have you tried the ‘Schwanenteich’ (Swanpond) for a picnic? If not, you should — or try another alternative instead. Here is a new suggestion for you: What about a comfy picnic on the sandy beach in Warnemünde?

Of course there are many, many different options concerning where you can have a picnic at that famous beach. You could choose one of the white benches at the long promenade (where you can watch all the different people Rostock has on show, strolling around and enjoying the great view). Or you could take a blanket with you and look for a suitable place to sit on the soft sand itself… But we think you should try something else, something blatant but far too ofte passed-over: the best place to spend a few hours in Warnemünde are the pretty beach chairs. They’re quite comfortable (ok, maybe not as comfy as this little fella, but still… 😉 ), they protect you from the (hopefully burning) sun and the (sometimes quite chilly) wind. They’ll give you the opportunity to stay a long, long time at the beach without getting a sunburn or starting to freeze ( which is — as we all know unfortunately — quite possible in a German Summer).  And last but not least: they’re not as expensive to rent as you might think. The beach chairs we tried out were the ones after you leave the busy promenade at the Warnow to the beach on the left. You can rent one of them for 3 Euros per hour. That’s really not a lot of money for savouring snug leisure time, sitting at the beach chairs Warnemündebeach, listening to the sound of the Baltic sea and having a tasty picnic — all at the same time! 🙂

So, prepare some food, grab your friends and get started. Here are a few delicious suggestions again:

Try it and enjoy the sun 🙂 

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