Looking for SpongeBob


Well, here`s something I had never previously heard of: A Jellyfish Hostel: You may be thinking,”What`s that about?” Obviously, it`s not a hostel for jellyfish (as interesting as that would be).


Often, a confusing name can have advantages, and anyways, this place really rocks: as said on the flyer, central, fair prices, quiet, and that`s basically what you want to know! The rooms are very clean and feel like coming home.


Located in Rostock`s Östliche Altstadt (close to the city centre and the harbour, at the station “Steintor”); beautiful old buildings and cafes, like typical historic houses and my personal favourite: the cafe “In der Likörfabrik”, just a few minutes away, well-priced rooms (from dorm to single bedrooms) and very nice people who want to take care of you.


And to be honest, for those of you lucky ones out there who have ever slept in a so-called “hostel” which seemed more like a filthy military barracks, you really will be surprised, the value you get for the money you spend is among the best up here, especially in the summer seasons.


Of course, there is a bad thing: they don`t have any own parking lots. But to be true, which backpacker has a car? So come on, that`s not too bad … And you have to pay for the food separatly, but why eat in the hostel, when there`s a whole city about to be explored?


So, if you really want to experience a great place, get to know nice people, explore Rostock and get some insider information, it`s THE place to go.


And by the way, having looked for Mr. Krabs, Squidward, SpongeBob and the other guys in the Jellyfish Hostel, I found out they really have an employee called Patrick


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