Don`t miss out on culture!

I know this blog is more about having fun and seeing some sights in Rostock and its surroundings. But we shouldn´t forget about some cultural activities. So why not go to a theatre? Not a movie theatre, that´s way to mainstream, a real playhouse/theatre with actors, stage props and wings!

 But there is a little problem regarding this in Rostock, `cause our theatres are the theatres up here are not recommended, because it is an old building that needs to be redeveloped and they don`t have quite a range of offer. So, what to do?

 Going to Schwerin might be the solution! There is the Mecklenburgische Staatstheater (Mecklenburg State Theatre), an awesome place for cultural and traditional German plays, ballet, musicals and concerts. They also have a huge variety of international musicals (e.g. Madame Butterfly), symphony orchestras, guest performances and plays, like “A Midsummer Night`s Dream” by Shakespeare for those of you who don`t feel comfortable with German plays and not getting a word. So there`s no real reason not to go there.

 And by the way, Schwerin is also the capitol of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, and so there you can find many other sights like the Schwerin Castle and the Cathedral.

 But how get to Schwerin? From Rostock, it`s pretty easy. I would recommend going by train: that`s the less stressful way and takes about the same time as going by car. Don`t spend any extra money on the Intercity though (called IC, normally the faster trains), a trip in a regional train (RE or RB) is cheaper and takes just as long as the IC.

 Once you`ve arrived in Schwerin, you`ll need a place to stay. I would recommend “Heintzes Töchter”, a beautiful hostel just 20 minutes by foot from the Hauptbahnhof (Central Station) right at the “Schweriner See” (Schwerin Lake). They have many rooms, nice staff, great equipment and always a tip on what to do and where to go. You can get a place in a dorm for 15 € and a 2-bed room for 24 €, which is really cheap. I doubt you`ll find a better place for memorable night in Schwerin.

 Finally, I just want to plead with you to do: have all the fun you can in Schwerin, partying, going to bars, visiting the awesome theatre; and above all else: don`t miss out on culture.

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