“Adventure World” Tessin – what an old former sugar factory and a Children’s Park have in common…

In need of a workout or place to keep the kids entertained between all the sightseeing and want to do something special near Rostock?

If you stay in or near Rostock and you have the desire for a short training session in order to steel your body for the next round of sightseeing, then take your car, drive to a small town next to Rostock – called Tessin – and take on the challenge of ascending a climbing wall.

Tessin is a small town located about 30 km or half an hour’s drive from the center of Rostock (for details see maps at the bottom of the page), but it isn’t as uninteresting as it might look like at first glance. The town is a really good example for the combination of past and presence really well. A ten minute foot walk away from the train station you can find an old former sugar factory, which was closed down in 1990 after nearly a century of sugar production. *1)

The biggest attraction in the sugar factory is definitely the climbing walls. There are three climbing walls with varying degrees of difficulty available. The small one is about 4 meters high and is intended for use by children or simply for people to train their climbing techniques without any ropes or belts. Below the climbing wall there are thick mats, so you won’t get hurt if you fall down. The middle wall is 8 meters high and is intended to be used by anybody who wants to experience wall climbing with the complete set of climbing equipment but hasn’t ever done so before.

The complete equipment can be borrowed in the hall for a small fee, but you are also allowed to bring your own belts and climbing shoes. Some instructors are always available to assist and instruct inexperienced climbers. But don’t be shy – it is not a big deal to get ready to climb, mainly because the signs explain in detail how each knot should be made correctly for climbing safely.
The third wall is about 12 meters high and is recommended for experienced climbers. It consists of slopes, steep slopes and an overhang. *2)

Besides the climbing wall, the old sugar factory provides some more features for visitors. At approximately 500 square meters, kids of all age groups can climb, run around, jump, run and slide – the perfect game for any weather. There is a padded toddler area, six trampolines, a slide tower with 4-way wave slides, a go-kart track, a softball shot system, and an air hockey table. In short, lots of activities for the whole family. In addition, there is a second hall next door where an ice rink is ready for skating during the winter season.

In case you want to take a rest after all the wall climbing, you can sit down in the small bistro and buy some snacks, drinks, or a piece of cake for little money.




admission charges:


18 and older
in €

kids and teenagers
up to 18 years
in €

family ticket
2 adults and up to 3 kids
in €

single tickets




2 hours




4 hours





ten card




2 hours




4 hours




monthly pass








school classes from Tessin



school classes from outside of Tessin













lending fees:

climbing shoes

3,00 €/pair

climbing belt

2,00 €/piece

opening hours from 02/05/2011:



Tuesdays to Fridays                  

15.00 – 20.00 h 


10.00 – 20.00 h 

during vacations:

Mondays to Fridays               

10.00 – 20.00 h


10.00 – 20.00 h

For organized events different opening hours can be arranged.
For further information, please call: 038205 / 79017 or 66366


This is only a preliminary version of this new blog about the old sugar factory in Tessin.
The information contained will be constantly updated during the next few days.

*1) At this point I’m going to give additional information about the history of the old sugar factory.
*2) At this point I’m going to provide some further information concerning climbing techniques on the big wall.

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