Stories of a Martian

Hello, everyone. It’s your favourite Martian again. With all her adventures on the links below: Schwerin trip Seagulls or assassins? Difficulties of paying with credit card in Rostock Stay tuned. Yours truly, Neluna.

Stories of a Martian: On tattoos and/as souvenirs

Hey, hey! It’s me again – your favourite Martian, who is deciding on the fate of your planet. Fun, fun, fun. My friend visited me for my birthday this week. She comes from Neptun and her name is Tomomo. Yeah, it does have a ring to it, doesn’t it?. I took her sightseeing even if […]

Stories of a Martian: Well, hello, Warnemünde.

Did you see that place? First I thought it was just some beach you come to via Straßenbahn from either the main station in Rostock or Parkstraße, so I wasn’t expecting much – I mean, a beach right next to some cranes and a train station? Would you expect much? Not to mention the way […]