Stories of a Martian: The spaceship has landed

Do you know where I landed?

I landed on a thing called Bunker and had to drag my spaceship all the way to Parkstraße.

Don’t ask me what I’ve seen on the way – I’ve been too busy with wondering what made me come here in the first place. I could’ve enjoyed my time back home, sipping on refreshing argon cocktails. But no, I had to have an adventure.

Actually, it’s not that bad. To be honest I’ve enjoyed my time in Croatia so far and I only vaguely remember the first few days of utter catastrophe at start. Paperwork – it’s as bad as it is on Mars.

Maybe that’s how things work both on Mars and on Earth – first you fall and then you get up to pick up the pieces, and no, I’m not being metaphorical.
I legit fell down from space and had to pick up the pieces of my spaceship.

And now it all started from scratch in Germany – Rostock, you shall be the death of me.

And I finally find it – the headquarters of Martians in this little Baltic city. Here they call these headquarters international houses – it seems they have no interplanetary houses.

I use the human internet and google to find out more about it. It’s called Green Monster or by Germans here Grünes Ungeheuer, which kind of irritates me, usually the nouns in German that end in -er are masculine and now BAM, neuter.


Anyways, I come up to the counter and try to explain my mission, to which the lady stares at me and types on her keyboard with a smile which screams I have no idea what are you talking about. I decide to make it a secret mission and pretend to be a foreign exchange student from Croatia and I successfully get a room at a dormitory.

And whoa – is that dormitory something! Let me tell you about the dormitories I stayed in Croatia! Well, back in Croatia my whole apartment was as big as one room here – I kid you not.

I know, I know – it’s no Mars, but it’s decent enough.

I should go now and look for work on Jobmensa a site my roommate told me about. That room won’t pay for itself – and I’m a bit short on human money.

Stay tuned!

Faithfully yours,

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