Stories of a Martian: On tattoos and/as souvenirs

Hey, hey!

It’s me again – your favourite Martian, who is deciding on the fate of your planet. Fun, fun, fun.

My friend visited me for my birthday this week. She comes from Neptun and her name is Tomomo. Yeah, it does have a ring to it, doesn’t it?.

I took her sightseeing even if my muscle fever made me walk as if I had a pilates ball between my legs.

Funny thing is – I have absolutely no idea about anything in Rostock. So, after a very long walk we just went to a tattoo studio and she got a tattoo as a souvenir from Earth.

We went to Blood and Pain studio. They have a Facebook, too and the studio isn’t far from the Neuer markt station.

This tattoo and piercing parlor is just drop-dead gorgeous and the staff is extra nice, even if they don’t really speak English all that way. Our translating device, MartasticTranslator, broke so I had to use the German skills I acquired to get the message through. I do think the communication was successful in the end, considering she got the tattoo she wanted in the place she wanted. And mind I say it was pretty – very much so.

So if you ever wish to get a tattoo to remind you of Rostock, I would warmly recommend this place – not only is the quality of the tattoos high, it also has an approachable price for the service they offer and excellent tattoo artists.

My friend’s tattoo

Hmmm… Maybe I could use a tattoo to remind me of my time spent here. It would be extra meaningful once I wipe the humankind off the face of the earth. I’ll go now and ponder on this.

But then again; I can always just get a magnet and avoid having something carved into my skin for the rest of my Martian life.
I tend to be protective of the outer layer of my body…

Stay tuned.


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