Stories of a Martian: Well, hello, Warnemünde.

Did you see that place?

First I thought it was just some beach you come to via Straßenbahn from either the main station in Rostock or Parkstraße, so I wasn’t expecting much – I mean, a beach right next to some cranes and a train station? Would you expect much?

Not to mention the way there, some really big pipes all around, something that looks like factories and untrimmed bushes.

Surprisingly enough, Warnemünde is like a small little village from a fairy tale, you can walk through it, eat ice cream or just grab a Fischbrötchen.


I honestly liked it, even if these meanies gave it three starts on google maps. But, oh, well, people love complaining far more than complimenting, don’t they?

That’s one more minus in my book (Pros and cons of saving the human race). But the Fischbrötchen gives them a plus, so it’s at 0 again.

So once you get off the Straßenbahn at the second Warnemünde station – yep, there are two – the first one is the ones with cranes and it looks really scary, while the other one is the beach. So, be patient, wait for the last station of the S2 bahn.

Anyways, once you walk a bit down the main lane, you’ll reach the beach itself. And it’s huge and sandy. I took a pic with my Mars-O-Vision camera, so you can see how I see your world!

Warnemünde beach

I took a swim in the warm water, now in April, but everyone was staring at me. Then I remembered that humans are sensitive to cold and that I should pretend not to be hot.

Gee, what would you do on my planet? It’s like minus 60 degrees there.

Anyways, if you are a human, please refrain from swimming until it’s warmer. You might risk getting a cold or dying from a heart attack.

I care about your well-being.

Well, at least until I decide you should be obliterated.

Stay tuned.


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