Sunsets, Live Music and Loads of Fun

There are many things in life I enjoy– particularly concerts and sunsets. Who doesn’t love those? So, what if you combined them? You´d get some very happy memories.

Rostock in the summer is always special. Whilst in wintertime the constant wind can get quite annoying when you’re desperately trying to defeat the rain coming from seemingly every direction, in summer it feels like pure bliss, walking the streets with the sunshine on your face and a light breeze cooling off the heat. So, when I heard that my favourite band, Giant Rooks, planned to come to Rostock for a picnic concert, I was sold immediately. Not only would I see my favourite band perform with the sunset in the background, food would also be added to the equation, which made it even better.

So, August 13th arrived and so did summer. A friend and I grabbed our picnic blankets and more snacks than two people could possibly eat and made our way to the IGA-Park.

Even though not every artist is so generous as to visit the beautiful city of Rostock, the IGA-Park still hosts a plethora of Open-Air concerts every year, and it certainly is the place to be for an evening full of music and joy. It is easily accessible via the S-Bahn from the main station, you get off at Lütten Klein, and from there it is just a short walk to the park. It is safe to say that walking to the station amongst other people brimming with happiness after the concert is worth it in itself. At the IGA-park, you will find a big green lawn and a stage that’s been brought to life by artists like Wincent Weiss, Seeed, Marteria or Waving the Guns. Last year´s line-up for the picnic concerts included popular artists like Bosse or Clueso but also artists that have become more popular in recent years like Provinz, Giant Rooks or Von Wegen Lisbeth. There certainly is a gig for everybody, and anybody can join in on the fun.

It is also safe to say that going to a concert in Rostock is far more comfortable than in Hamburg or Berlin. I´ve been to a fair number of concerts in my time, and, on one hand, it is far easier to get tickets for concerts in Rostock because there are not as many people trying to get them, and, on the other hand, the people are way more relaxed than those in bigger cities. I speak from the experience of being trampled in infamous Hamburg moshpits– you don´t want to go through that. Usually, in times without covid related restrictions, you´re able to dance with your friends under a sky dyed in pretty colours or join the moshpits if you are brave enough. With Covid, at the picnic concerts you had to keep your more chilled distance on picnic blankets.

If you´ re looking to go to an Open-Air concert, it is always a great idea to combine a summer trip to our beautiful city of Rostock with the unique experience of an Open-Air concert! I promise, there is no feeling like listening to your favourite band perform whilst looking around and seeing other people just as happy as you are, whilst the sky turns orange over the Baltic Sea.

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About Nele

Hey! My name is Nele and I am a special needs education and English student at the university of Rostock. I grew up in a small village close to Hamburg, so I´ve spent all of my life in the North of Germany. You could ask any of my friends and they would agree that my main passion in life is music- going to concerts is my favourite thing to do. I have also loved everything to do with books and writing my own stories and poems since I can remember.

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