Mondays are for Music

Nothing to do in Rostock on Mondays? No way! If you’re looking for a causal thing to do on a Monday evening and you like concerts and culture, I’ve a special hint for you.

Every Monday at 9pm during the summer months, there is a small event in Rostock called the Montagsbalkon! The Montagsbalkon takes place in Leonardstraße 22, near Doberaner Platz in the Kröpeliner-Tor-Vorstadt and it’s basically a little concert of local artists with some minor moderation. The special thing about it – it all happens on the balconies of a building with the audience is standing in front of the house, looking up and taking in the performance. 

The concerts are not that long, usually about 30 minutes, but its a lot of fun because you can listen to some good music of e.g. the Rostocker band Les Bumms Boys, some Jazz musicians, which I really like. A great memory I have is a little The Muppet’s show which they play sometimes (see picture) and which was really funny. And the best of this? It’s FREE! During the start of the covid-19 pandemic, the Montagsbalkon unfortunately didn’t officially take place, but luckily, now its happening again! 

I always connect this event with having a beer or wine with my friends at a bar near the place when afterwards we enjoy the music. 

A great memory I have with the Montagsbalkon is the version which takes place around Christmas: it’s a whole different feeling in winter because its dark and cold outside, and its so beautiful with all the lights outside. For the Christmas event, people get candles and a textbook with some Christmas songs, which they sing all together in the middle of Rostock. Goosebumps! 

Montagsbalkon is a small event but it’s a really great thing to do after a weekend full of activities, and its so nice to get to know more of Rostock things to do and some other local artists. 


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