Restaurants near Rostock with a special something: Eating with a view

It is kind of a romantic cliché and every second person has pictures of it on their phone… I am speaking about sunsets. Sunsets seem to attract human beings for some reason. If it be the different colours between a light yellow and dark red onto purple. Or may it be the meaningful symbol of an ending and a new beginning. Sunsets are beautiful to watch, and for me, one of the best places to see a sunset is on the beach. Good company makes it even more enjoyable, and to bring it up to an optimum, I prefer to have a nice meal and drinks while watching my sunsets. Sure, I could prepare some nice food and drinks, bring it to the beach and have a picknick. Sometimes, I like a bit more luxury and go to a restaurant directly at the beach. Two restaurants near Rostock I can totally recommend are the Blaue Boje in Markgrafenheide and the Ostseehotel Wilhelmshöhe in Diedrichshagen.

The “Blaue Boje” is part of the Strandresort Markgrafenheide. The restaurant has its name on the buoy next to the restaurant which is blue. In summer there are many tourists on vacation, and so it is better to reserve a table either outside on the terrace or inside. We were lucky last time to get a place outside and breathe the fresh salty air and enjoy the setting sun. The “Blaue Boje” opens its doors from Monday to Sunday 12.00 to 22.00, but I can totally recommend to go there in the evening and watch the sunset. The prices vary from €7.50 to €13.50 for soups, starters and desserts. Individual specialities like soups with fish or wild herbs and desserts like Kokos-Crème-Brüleé are heavenly. Main dishes, like a pasta of wild mushrooms are delicious, special and interesting, too. They cost between €15.00 and €34.00, but are totally worth these prices. The different dishes are presented on the website of the Blaue Boje. Additionally, various drinks like cocktails, fruit spritzers, beers, whines, tees and local liquors be ordered.
The last time I visited this restaurant, I enjoyed a nice soup of wild herbs because I wasn´t really hungry with some hot lemon and an Aperol Spritz. Aside from the different dishes this restaurant has as slightly modern, young and elegant touch. Si

tting on the terrace outside feels like being directly at the beach, which you can completely overlook, with the advantage to don´t chew sand and shiver on a windy day. If you really want to feel like sitting directly on the beach or on the dune to have the ultimate beach feeling, I would recommend to enjoy a meal in the “Blaue Boje”. Sometimes, you even have the chance to watch the kitchen staff preparing the meals. If the weather acts up and it is not possible to sit outside, there are many tables to sit on inside the restaurant, too.
While I had my meal the other night, the sun was setting, creating a nice, cozy, romantic atmosphere that made my meal even more enjoyable.

The other restaurant I can recommend for a nice meal while watching a romantic sunset is the “Ostseehotel Wilhelmshöhe” in Diedrichshagen. What is special about this restaurant is that it is built on a cliff on the beach in Diedrichshagen next to Warnemünde. This produces a beautiful view and an elated feeling of sitting directly above the water in me. The restaurant is easy to reach via a way through the beautiful forest directly on the beach. The parking spaces are round 200 metres away. For me, the walk through the forest raised my anticipation for the upcoming meal because I could see the sea lightened up through the trees and breathing the salty air mixed with a small note of smoked fish. On the terrace, we had the opportunity to sit directly on the edge with a clear view on the lighten blue sea, reminiscent of sitting on the Mediterranean Sea.
The restaurant opens from Monday to Sunday between 12.00 and 21.00 and offers dishes from €5.90 to €22.70. The restaurant specializes on fish, mostly fish from the Baltic Sea, like smoked salmon, cod or pikeperch. Of course, they are able to prepare different other dishes e.g., fillet of pork. The dishes are excellent for meat eaters, and especially fish lovers will find what their hearts desire. Some vegetarian and vegan dishes like salads and pan-fried vegetables are offered, too.  I can totally recommend the fillet of pikeperch. The “Ostseehotel Wilhelmshöhe” is a hotel by the way and it is a typical traditional German restaurant. Watching the sunset in this place is slightly different from the other restaurant because you can´t see the beach beneath your feet, but the blue shining sea and some trees which can hang on the little cliff. While sitting at this place, smelling and eating delicious food dishes and having this view, it seems a bit like sitting on a cliff in s restaurant at the Mediterranean sea.  While sitting and eating a dinner in this restaurant, I enjoyed the freedom and the calming atmosphere of a sunset directly at the sea.

Whether the “Blaue Boje” or the “Ostseehotel Wilhelmshöhe”, both have excellent dishes and drinks and turned out as nice places to enjoy as many sunsets as possible.

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