Green Rostock: Parks in the harbor city – Part 4 – Lindenpark

In continuing the search for green areas in Rostock, the next one certainly worth mentioning is the Lindenpark. Lindenpark literally means “park of lime trees”.

Lime trees do and thus make up most of the trees in the park. Moreover, this area is densely forested with said trees, which makes it a shady place. You can find some spaces for sunbathing – I tried, but it is not worth it, because I had to move around every 5 minutes to stay in the sun. However, this is a great park for taking a stroll, jogging, cycling, or walking the dog. Nonetheless, there isn´t really much to see there: no flowers (besides some spring flowers in March and April); just some old trees, graves and memorials.

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You can reach this park easily as it is near Doberaner Platz, a major tram station in the center of Rostock. I would advise driving to the Saarplatz stop though, because then you just have to cross the street and you are there.

To be honest, I only visited this place because I used to live nearby, and because I used to play Pokémon Go. Let me tell you, on the Community Events of Pokémon Go, that still happen at least once a month, the park is completely overcrowded with people playing the game on their smartphone (like at the beginning of Pokémon Go – if you even remember that – where players took over the central park in NYC, because they were on the hunt for Pokémon). For the simple reason that there are a lot of Pokéstops in the park, due to the memorials, it is easier to visit one Pokéstop every 5 minutes – to collect poké balls, berries and then catch them all – by just walking around in the Lindenpark. If you are on of the few people who still play Pokémon Go or want to (re-)start the game, just head there for the events.

However, if you are not, this park can be pretty boring, unless you adore trees, graves and memorials. Nonetheless, it is a “green area”, so if this is the only place you can go, visit it; but if you have the time and energy to visit some place else, consider Schwanenteich, the Botanical Garden, Rosengarten or the IGA Park.


Green Rostock:

  1. Schwanenteich
  2. Botanical Garden
  3. Rosengarten
  4. Lindenpark
  5. IGA Park

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