Green Rostock: Parks in the harbor city – Part 3 – Rosengarten

Rosengarten, literally translated, means garden of roses; furthermore, this is what this special place in Rostock actually is: a park full of rose beds.

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Located in the heart of the city, the Rosengarten is also the smallest of the parks presented in this series (Green Rostock: Parks in the harbor city). However, you should not diminish the value of the park – or anything really – by its size.

This green area in Rostock is narrow, but still feels big. It is a small segment of a bigger park. Nonetheless, I personally like this area more. Why you ask? For the simple reason that it is a garden full of roses, and I love flowers – the look as much as the smell of them. The park is covered in these beauties; there are a lot of benches to sit down on and it is surrounded by trees providing shade. There even is a fountain – mostly used by children to cool down and splash around in during the hot summer weather. Moreover, you can always find enough space to just sit in peace on the fluffy, green grass. Furthermore, because of it’s location in the city center, you will find other stores nearby providing food and drinks, and most importantly for the summertime, ice cream. What I mostly do, is grabbing myself some ice cream and then heading straight into the Rosengarten and finding a place to sit, enjoy the view as well as the sun.

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It is different from others parks, because there is more structure to be found in it’s construction. It does not feel as natural as the Botanical Garden, the Schwanenteich, the Lindenpark or the Iga-Park. However, it is located in the center of Rostock and can therefore it be easily visited while doing other things. Nonetheless, if you like, you can continue strolling through Rostock´s green areas by visiting the other more natural park area that is nearby.

Green Rostock:

  1. Schwanenteich
  2. Botanical Garden
  3. Rosengarten
  4. Lindenpark
  5. IGA Park

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