Green Rostock: Parks in the harbor city – Part 5 – IGA Park

The IGA Park is farmost the most impressive park in Rostock. For the simple reason that it is a huge green area, consists of different parts, and various biotopes and themes.

I have personally been there a couple of times and still haven´t seen the whole park yet.
It is located between the neighborhoods Schmarl and Groß Klein; because of its size and location, you can reach it via various public means of transportation and also find enough parking space, if you go by car – a dream in contrast to everything that is located in the city center.

I would advise just strolling through the park and taking a closer look at the areas that seem interesting to you, as there are a lot of different themed areas (to keep it juicy; geographical (worldwide) or biotope themed, sports themed (since we all should work out frome time to time), and due to the fact that Rostock is a harbour city, nautical themed areas) and as you cannot visit everything at once.
You can find, among other things, a Chinese Garden, a fitness-trail, a historical boatyard, a miniature golf course, a Japanese Garden, a rhododendron grove, a swamp area, a pendant bridge, a boulder area, a pond area, a small river babbling through and all over a lot of trees, bushes and flowers.

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This diversity is what makes it so special!

This diversity what makes it so impressive!

You cannot get bored, as there is always something new to look at or experience. That is what I think is the best, because I get bored really fast (for example, seeing the same trees over and over again – boring!). Well, that has never happened to me in the IGA Park.

I can see, feel and smell the differences; I can explore, I can experience, I can notice, I can sense, I can observe things that are new and interesting.

Moreover, the IGA Park operates as a public open space. Therefore, you can visit the park while also attending another event.

I have been at there at a Street-Food-Festival. Which basically meant eating a bunch of different stuff, like fried candy bars or a special vegan burger, and then taking a break and relaxing – preparing to eat more – and then actually eating more (maybe some Mexican now?!).
Additionally, I know of a Cherry-Blossoms-Festival in April happening there, as well as different concerts taking place in the park.

However, do keep in mind that if you visit the IGA Park for a festival or concert, you will only see a small part of it. You will not be able to experience the park as a whole itself. For a diferent reason but similarly, if you eat a lot during the Street-Food-Festival. During that, you will want to find the fastest way to sit down again or get home and take off the tight clothes you decided to wear for some ridiculous reason.

Because the park is the most impressive one in Rostock – for the simple reason that it is a huge green area with all those diverse and different parts, with different biotopes and themes – you should bring some time and maybe also some comfy clothes for the best experience you can get. In order to see, feela and smell the park itself. You will certainly explore, experience, notice, sense and observe something new and interesting.


Green Rostock:

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  5. IGA Park

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