Green Rostock: Parks in the harbor city – Part 2 – Botanical Garden

After introducing the Schwanenteich as the first green area in Rostock, I will continue by presenting the Botanical Garden.

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For starters, Botanical Gardens are my favorite part of every city; I just love plants. And let me tell you, the Botanical Garden in Rostock is so worth it. It is free, is pretty huge compared to the size of the city, and it has two great greenhouses. One of the greenhouses is for tropical plants, so it basically feels like what I image stepping into the Amazonian rain forest would feel like (a lot! of plants, very hot and humid) and the other one a desert (still warm but dry).
Unfortunately though, because of Covid-19 you are not allowed to go inside of the greenhouses, but I guess and hope that will change at some point. To stay updated check out the official website
. Here you can find the opening hours for the garden itself as well as for the greenhouses individually. There are even tours held for the two greenhouses.

Furthermore, the garden is always closed on Mondays, and dogs are not allowed to go inside. However, you can lay down on the grass and there are a lot of areas where you can sit down, enjoy the view and sun. I have never experienced it to be overcrowded, which is perfect for someone who just wants to have some quiet and relaxing time.

Moreover, the Botanical Garden in Rostock is located pretty much in the center of the city. You can reach it easily as there is a bus, tram, and train stop about a three minute walk away at Holbeinplatz, so perfect for the lazy people like me. However, you can also take your bike and secure it at one of he many bicycle racks.

My perfect trip to the Botanical Garden involves taking a walk to it and, of course, exploring the plants and trees in the garden itself. There are so many different plants in this park that there is always something new to look at. Almost every time you go there, something is blooming and thus looking pretty or smelling fresh or sweet. There are a lot of different terrains represented: besides the tropical and desert area in the greenhouses, you have historical plants and crops, a river and pond area, a foresty area as well as a rocky area (not the movie but a lot of stones – like a small mountain area) and overall a display of a lot of different plants and trees. You can also find a map guiding you throughout the Botanical Garden in the entrance area. Additionally, if you want to find a cute and green (Instagram) photo spot in Rostock besides the beaches, the old town or the harbor area, there it is. This is the place for you! As it provides diverse and natural backgrounds and is not overcrowded.

In Addition, I can advise you to visit the botanical garden in Rostock at the end of April until the beginning of May, because that is the time the cherry blossoms bloom and it looks heavenly. The whole entrance area is covered with cherry blossom trees and the pink petals are absolutely stunning. 


Green Rostock:

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