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When I think about MV, the main thing that pops into my head is the beautiful coastline and especially the beach in Rostock. My favourite beach is the one in Torfbrücke, which is not as crowded as many other ones in the summer. It is somewhat far off and only accessible by car.  But what makes this beach my favourite? It is the simple things that make this beach special: the little forest that surrounds the area before the beach and that you have to go through to get to it. The narrow beach that almost makes it impossible for crowds to form and keeps the beach mostly empty. The water that is even clearer than in central Warnemünde, and the calm atmosphere that surrounds this place.

After living here my whole life, imagining a life without having the freedom to go to the beach in the summer or take a stroll in spring is impossible. Nothing feels better than being able to go to the beach, feel the refreshing breeze, feel the warm sand under your feet and run into the cold water when it is a hot summer day. Laying in the sun, not thinking about anything and just enjoying the moment, appreciating this freedom. The beach brings a kind of nostalgia to my mind, reminiscing all the fun days I had at the beach with my friends. Celebrating birthdays, having a barbeque or just sunbathing and relaxing under the warm rays of the sun.

While most people enjoy going to the beach in the summer, I also really enjoy going there in the winter. It looks magical in winter with the frozen sand and stones, watching the waves slowly go back and forth and breathing in the crisp cold air. While I do enjoy the beach at all times, I have to say that summer and winter are my favourite seasons to visit the beach.

My mom always enjoys telling me the story of when we went to the beach when I was a toddler. I always had to wear wellies because I hated the feeling of sand on my feet and it sticking to everything in general. It is funny to think about someone that basically grew up with the beach and always went there in the summer, hates the feeling of sand on their feet. I do love the beach now but still despise the feeling of having sand in my shoes. But still, the beach has brought me so many special memories and is one of my favourite places in MV.

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