The best place for a quiet beach day in Rostock

If you like to spend a quiet day on the beach – and have no problem with the occasional sights of naked seniors and a rather long bike tour – I know the perfect location for a long beach day close to Rostock. At this beach you can relax, enjoy sunbathing, go swimming, read a book, or basically do whatever you fancy without having to worry about someone stealing your things, loud children – or any of the other irritancies of a crowded beach. You have possibly heard about Markgrafenheide, where the beach is already better than in Warnemünde owing to its remote location. However, I have an even better place for you to go to! If you are in Markgrafenheide or Warnemünde and look further along the beach, you can see how it gets emptier and emptier. Still, I would not recommend going along the seashore until you are where you want to be. Instead, I know a great bike path for getting there directly. I included a google maps link which shows you the exact way.



A great part of the journey will take you through a forest where you have to be especially aware of the uneven ground (and at night time of not freaking out because you think you saw a white figure behind one of the trees). Once you have arrived, you will be very happy to finally be able to go swimming at a wonderful and quiet part of the beach near Rostock. On this beach you can relax and view the sunset – at least if you are not scared of the white figures in the forest when you drive back at night – and enjoy the soft sound of the waves reaching the warm sand on the beach. Every time I was there I never heard loud children or couples fighting but could enjoy the quietness of a beautiful yellow sunset with my beloved ones.

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Hello! My name is Sandrine and I study English and Erziehungswissenschaften at the University of Rostock. In my freetime I like to go outside and meet up with my friends. The topics that I am most interested in are minimalism, reducing waste and developing ways to live a happy life. Since I am born in Rostock I am very familiar with the city and its surrounding area and can hopefully give you some useful information.

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