Waldenberger: A place for everybody with a sweet tooth and a passion for the exceptional

As many tourists linger around in Rostock’s city, the old town, at the “Stadthafen“ or the beach, not many people stray around the KTV (THE student district). But you’ll miss out on something, as there are many small restaurants and cafes. Personally, I particularly like the “Waldenberger“, a tiny cafe with a variety of delicious, mouth-watering tartlets. Besides this, they are decorated very beautifully with an eye for the detail. Cake (I especially like the ”Zupfkuchen”) and a selection of coffee specialties, as well as different tea sorts are, of course, also provided. I bet anybody can find something amazing here. What is significant is that everything is homemade. While sitting and eating, you can even watch the process of everything being made. It’s remarkable to see, as normally the doors are shut to the process of production.

The cafe is open from 12pm until 19pm every day. If it is nice weather, you can sit outside in the sun and enjoy the extraordinary homelike atmosphere that comes along with not only the cafe’s owner, with whom you can chat really nicely, but also with the well selected antique interior. You can admire lovely old tables, plates and cups, as well as a small vintage sofa and little windows hanging on the wall, and even a romantic bed as THE highlight! Tim Berger, the owner, wanted it to look something like an arbour, as he really likes nature and gardening, having worked as a florist in the past. Children and dogs are highly welcome, and you can reserve a table if you want to be sure to get one. As Waldenberger does not provide much space (around 15 to 20 people fit in there), it can of course quickly become crowded, which is why a reservation makes sense, especially if you want to come with more than two friends or family members.

It’s still an insider tip, but who knows for how long since the smell of fresh brewed coffee spreads quickly! The Nordmagazin put out a contribution to the cafe. So, if you want to have a sneak preview, go and have a look at it here.

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