Sport offerings at the University of Rostock

Everything from Aerobic-Mix to Zumba

I’ve never been an athletic person, or interested in sports. I do, however, like trying out new things. So that is what I did when the university’s sports program crossed my eyes. They currently offer several different courses to choose from. Of course, the offers change from semester to semester and in winter and summer. But I bet that there is always enough variety to chose from. I’ve tried “Yoga”, “Pilates”, “Modern Dance” and “Kickboxen” (kick boxing), as well as “autogenes Training” (autogenic training) so far.

The latter, I broke off after a few sessions because I didn’t like the instructor. I loved the Yoga sessions, as the teacher was really nice and competent. Unfortunately, her courses aren’t offered any longer otherwise you’d still see me going there doing some sun salutations. So I decided to try Pilates instead. It was a brilliant experience but for me it was too much fitness oriented. I’m not sure whether this was due to the teacher or if it’s always like that. If you’re interested in Yoga but at the same time want some more “fitness stuff”, this course might be the right choice for you, it just wasn’t the right choice for me. If you like dancing you might try the “modern dance” class. The teacher was very enthusiastic and motivating. Only the room in the Neptunhalle wasn’t quite appropriate, as it’s floor was too soft and had an itchy carpet. Not very nice for your shins and elbows. The kick boxing course was very crowded, leading to a high chance of muggy air with a slight smell of sweat in it. I was sure it would be exhausting, but it was even more straining than I’d thought. As I said, I’m not an athletic person! I have to admit that I missed the last weeks, as I had no motivation anymore.

That is indeed the advantage of those courses. They are pretty cheap (particular in comparison with clubs and gyms) ranging from 15 Euros to around 35 Euros. Those, which require special equipment, are of course sometimes more expensive. So if you dislike the course you’ve taken, it’s no big deal to just stop it, as it doesn’t leave a big hole in your wallet. To get into a course, you have to be precise about your timing for the applications otherwise you might experience what I already did: that the course is fully blocked. If that happens, you can always ask the instructor, but in most cases they have a reason for a restricted number of participants. After applying for a course, you have to transfer the money within the next 3 days otherwise you loose your place as there might be other people on the waiting list.

The locations of the courses are scattered around Rostock. The rooms at “Waldessaum” (on picture) and “Neptunhalle” are popular, as well as the space at “Ulmencampus”. You can reach them by bus, bike, or of course by foot. Within Rostock it’ll take you maximum 25 minutes, I guess. Aside from the sports aspect, taking a course is a good possibility to meet new people separate from your lectures and your faculty. So don’t be scared to try out something new and use the possibilities given to you.

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