Cycling in and around Rostock – Let your bike be your best friend

Since I live in Rostock, my bike grew my best friend. Imagine my distress when after a few months my best friend unfortunately was stolen. Sadly, such incidents aren’t exceptional here. I heard from a few people that their bikes got stolen several times. I then bought a used one because I was scared of the same thing happening again. However, it gradually became harder to ride, and I was wondering why I got problems breathing after just a few meters. It had my favourite colour, dark red, but it didn’t help me to get from A to B since I could hardly breathe using it. I spend a lot of money trying to fix it but in the end I could’ve just bought a new one. Then, suddenly, last November, it died. I had to go a week without a beloved bike, and I felt really lost in Rostock. It had accompanied me everywhere. I felt lonely without it by my side. Luckily, I was given a new bike at Christmas. I remember riding my first meters, and I was astonished about how it glided on the streets. I didn’t know cycling could feel anything like that. 

What I am trying to say is that there is nothing comparable to cycling in and around Rostock, always a fresh breeze around your nose, the trees and flowers bloom in spring. It is more than just going from A to B. There are many beautiful spots to explore. You can cycle around the Warnow, which takes around 25 minutes starting from Kabutzenhof ending in Gehlsdorf (7 km).

Besides, there is the possibility of cycling to Warnemünde (ca. 11km). It takes you around 30 to 40 minutes to get there staring at Kabutzenhof. After an exhausting ride you can relax your tired feet in the refreshing Baltic Sea. Speaking of the Baltic Sea, there is even a cycling track along the coast reaching from Lübeck to Usedom. Focusing on the surrounding area of Rostock you might want to try the route from Kühlunsborn to Dierhagen. This will keep you on the bike for around 2 hours 50 minutes (ca. 52 km). In Warnemünde you can take the ferry to Hohe Düne. Another great experience! While riding along the coast you have a wonderful view on the Baltic Sea and you come along the mysterious Gespensterwald in Nienhagen. Stay excited and lay out your bicycle pants.

But be on alert! Not everybody respects the special relationship between you and your bike; one might already be looking out for a good opportunity to take your best friend away from you.

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I am Julia and I live in Rostock since 2014. Originally, I am from Cologne, which is why I love the atmosphere of a city with "just" 200,000 inhabitants. In 2015 I began studying English and Education at the University of Rostock. I love reading, literature and everthing that comes along with it, which is why I am highly interested in blogging as well. It enables to write and speak about topics one is passionate about, and to pass over ones experiences to others.

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