Green Places In Rostock I Don’t Hate

Places I don’t hte pt. 3

Rostock is not my hometown. I grew up in a tiny village, framed by forests and fields and meadows. That is why I miss the freedom and the green probably more than other people who have grown up in a city. If you’ve grown up in a small village like me, you probably miss the green in the city as much as I do. Although I am fortunate to be in Rostock, which is not as big of a city as Hamburg or Munich or even London. In comparison to London, Rostock is much more the size of a borough, so actually quite small for a city. Then again, for someone who wasn’t used shops even being open on saturdays after 12 p.m., Rostock is a big change.

Sometimes I feel like the city keeps me caught between concrete and stone. Like I’m suffocating and unable to draw the next breathe. My chest constricts and I wish for something that sets me free. Some nature and wilderness to help my head stop spinning and to settle my soul.

There are forests around Rostock that make escaping quite easy. Thing is, not every green place is actually enjoyable. Let’s take a central piece of green for an example. In front of the university main building you can lie down and enjoy a little green. If you fancy being stared at and pretty yourself up, because you sure won’t be alone there. Or at peace. When I go to a park I usually want to be left alone and mope, ponder or relax in peace.

Depending on where you live, there are a few more quiet green places, but I’ll stick to Fischerdorf, one of the main points for that because of the distance. Since I live more on the outskirts of Rostock, my favourite green spot is Fischerdorf. Literally translated into Fishervillage. It’s really not hard to find, all you have to do is take the tram, either the 5 or the 1 towards Mecklenburger Allee or Rügener Straße. The stop is also called Fischerdorf, so it’s pretty fool-proof.

But don’t be fooled, I’m not only going there because it’s close. Fischerdorf Park consists of a wide green area that’s perfect to sit on and relax. It is so big, that you won’t sit on top of each other if there are more visitors. You’ll always find a calm hidden corner where you can be on your own. You can also bring a ball with friends and play footie or volleyball or bring a blanket and lie there in the sun.

There is so much space.

Honestly, you can simply flee if an annoying earthling appears and they somehow have the inkling that they are so important to just take your space. I don’t even bother with such idiots anymore and simply gather my stuff and leave. Like I said, there are so many beautiful places, they can’t be everywhere.

It’s a pretty fine place to ignore your everyday stress.

And because of that, it’s a place I don’t hate.

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