From Rostock to Schwerin – into a fairy tale in one hour

With a population just under 100.000 people Schwerin is Germany´s smallest state capital.

91 kilometers; northwestern direction; less than a one-hour car ride, and you delve into a fairy tale, one starts in Schwerin and will end wherever you want to. The proximity to Rostock makes it a great choice for a day trip. Hence the capital is very close to the Baltic Sea but also just a one to two-hour car ride away from the “big” cities Hamburg and Berlin. Schwerin, the oldest town in Mecklenburg Pomerania is indeed a very favored destination due to many forests, lakes and the unique cultural monuments. Schwerin is known by many names, for example “the Florence of the North”, “the cathedral city”, “royal seat” and because of the lakes in and around the town, Schwerin is most commonly called “the City of Seven Lakes”. That´s why there is also a shopping center called “Sieben Seen Center”[1], which is always worth a visit for. All its further names are apt because the city successfully combines nature and culture, architecture and artworks, which are reminders of its long history, at the same time.

You can get around the lakes by bike or have a longer hike. I prefer enjoying the city on the lakes themselves. Four years ago, I got my own boating license. I remember it as if it was yesterday: when I´d passed the theoretical part, I was so nervous before I took the driving test. It went brilliant, and I was proud as a peacock and beamed with pride being capable and allowed to control a boat up to 25 meters. It is also possible to rent a motorboat[2] without a boating license for at most 45€ per hour. The real highlight of the city is, of course, the famous Schwerin Castle. Located in between two lakes, the Burgsee and the Schweriner See, on a tiny island, surrounded by luscious gardens. It seems like it is dividing itself from the rest of the world.  There are two stunning views at the castle everyone should see. The first view is from the position on the lake. On the inner Schweriner See you can reach the castle in striking distance with a flat-bottomed boat. But be careful in this shallow water, where ducks breed their little ducklings as they do so in spring. In midsummer nights you can enjoy dreamy sunsets behind the castle. It´s such a magical moment being on the lake as it reflects the red sky, listening to music and having a great time with friends.


You can also admire the view from the Johannes-Stelling Straße. It´s between Burgstraße and Schleifmühlenweg, and from this little hill you have a marvelous angle across the castle garden with the Kreuzkanal, which is an artificial waterway in the form of a cross.


In summer, many people spend time on the lawns. They are connected by little ornate bridges across the branch lines. From this perspective, the sun spotlights the castle which embellishes the view. The castle has long been apparent as the town´s landmark, and its chronic is closely related to the history of Mecklenburg. In addition, Schwerin has a few excellent museums and hosts a variety of art and culture festivals throughout the year, making it a must-visit for every lover of culture. The market square and the cobbled streets are filled with beautiful historic buildings housing inviting shops and cafes as well as restaurants which radiate sympathy and prove Schwerin´s charm at the same time. The older I get, the more I appreciate this beautiful spot of land.




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