Around the Warnow River (Part 2)

In “Around the Warnow River (Part1)” you came along the port, strawberry fields and equestrian farms and stopped in “Stuthof”. The next stage leads you through an adjacent coastal forest with the appearance of a fairytale.

The 3 miles mainly go straight on forest soil and a strip of grass (Caution: Midges!). On the way you’ll even find a little sign that yields information for a tree called “Borwins Eiche”. A stop there can be informative and educational – but wait….! The round trip was planned as a relaxing tour without using many brain cells.

Anyhow after 15 Minutes you should have reached Markgrafenheide- a Baltic Sea Spa. The little town offers boat rentals in the south or a climbing forest in the north (both on the track). Your energy reserves can be recharged at the local supermarket or at the fish smoke house but actually the last 3 miles to Hohe Düne don’t need much effort (unless you decide to take a break at the beach). The ferry boat there ships all passengers to Warnemünde at definite times. Even though the crossing takes only 4 minutes it still gives a feeling for a sea voyage.

In Warnemünde you can decide to quit the tour and take the next train or to leap onto your bicycle. Either way a
“Fischbrötchen” or “Danish Soft Ice” is a good reward for the past workout. Other places of interests can be found on this website. The last 40 minutes (8 miles) go through regions of industry and multistory buildings so it’s not really noteworthy but one or two might like it. The cycle way is splendidly constructed and goes down the B103 towards the city center. Down by the “Stadthafen” you can be proud of yourself because you’ve just finished a 25 miles trip with hopefully many new impressions of Rostock and its surroundings. Congratulations!

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