It’s not spooky in the ghost forest!

With the weather getting better, lots of people go to the beaches in Warnemünde to make the most out of the warm days at the sea.

On top of the steep coast

But if you’re not a big fan of overcrowded places (like me) and really just want to do some relaxing sun bathing without laying towel to towel, Nienhagen is a great place to go!

Besides having a beautiful and clean beach, there is also some nature really close by. Right behind the beach on top of the steep coast is the “ghost forest”. The name might be a bit misleading since there are no real ghosts there (or so we hope) 😉

In fact, the forest got its name from the awry trees who were shaped by the strong stormy wind along the coast which makes a unique and beautiful scenery. And you can also take a refreshing walk in the shadow of the trees when the sun gets much too burning hot at noon.

You can go there either by taking the bus from the S-Bahn station “Warnemünde Werft” or by car. You can even bike there!

But be aware that there are two different places called Nienhagen around Rostock – make sure you go to the right one which is at the coast in the west of Warnemünde (I went to the wrong one I have some experience with that..). So, check the map first before getting going. Or just take the bus from Warnemünde Werft and you’ll get there without any detour 🙂

The awry trees of the ghost forest
The beach in Nienhagen

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