Hunkemöller – Europe’s Victoria’s Secret

Almost 80% of all the women in the world wear the wrong bra size. The bra is the closest think we wear to out heart. It sholdn’t be either too tight nor too loose, it shound have the right cup-size and your personal fit. There is so much one has to keep in mind in order to find the right bra. Thank god that Hunkemöller has trained personal, that can help you find your perfect fit. If you would like to find out if you are one of them, you should visit one of the two Hunkemöller shops on your shopping tour through Rostock’s city center.

The Hunkemöller in the Rostocker Hof has established a good number of loyal customers in Rostock for over 17 years. If your spouse/boyfriend doesn’t want to accompany you, you can park him at Cafe Milano downstairs for a delicious ice cream while you go enjoy a personal consultation upstairs.

The girls working there measure your correct size, and while you wait in the fitting room, they will bring you bras within the right fit. You just need to try them on and decide which one you like and feel most comfortable in.

The second and slightly bigger shop is right in the shopping street, the Kropeliner Str. Here you can find – apart from underwear – an elegant collection of nightwear, and in the right season, nice swim collections. Since the new Model Doutzen Kroes works with Hunkemöller, one might find pieces not available elsewhere in the world. Since she designs her new collection in cooperation with Hunkemöller, these modern pieces can only be foung in Hunemöller stores or online.

For those “special moments” in a hotel room, there is also the so called ‘Private collection‘, that only is available in the shop in the Kropi. It’s collection of provocative lingerie and delivers the extra sexy factor.

Hunkemöller tries very hard to keep up with Victoria’s Secret,  and they bring out new collections in various colors, designs and shapes almost weekly. Many customers have their personal shape that keeps coming in stores in other colors and designs.

If you somehow can’t find a single bra you like in the shop, you can have a look online on the Hunkemöller webshop and order it in store. After three days you can pick it up in store and take it home with you.

Hunkemöller is a store perfectly designed for women’s tastes. The walls are covered in black and pink, the fitting rooms have carpets and huge mirrors and a small stool to put your bag on or park your boyfriend on. Many men feel unconfortable to enter the shop because of all of the bras there and they think that if they stand around and look around, some might think that they are perverts. But NO! There are many men entering withount their wifes or girlsfriends just t get their partner something they like. Just be brave and get in, nobody judges you guys!

It’s worth coming in and having a look!

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