What’s on the other side?


Ever wondered what is actually on the other side of the Warnow in Rostock? While taking a walk in the sun with some friends along the harbour in Rostock, I asked them if they had ever been to the other side of the Warnow, and one of them said “Actually yes! That’s Gehlsdorf. It’s beautiful over there. You want to go?”. So, as we were walking we actually saw the little ferry boat coming in our direction, and we decided to hop on (especially because you can use your University student ticket for the boat, as well!). The ride takes about 20 minutes, and the ferry leaves from two different locations in Rostock depending on the weekday (here’s the schedule). Once we had made it to the shore, we took a walk along the water and it really was lovely over there! A nice little waterfront park overlooking the skyline of Rostock with benches and plenty of lawn to sit or lay on, to hang out with friends, have a barbecue or just to relax in the sun and read a book. Definitely an insider tip for people who want to escape the crowds in Rostock and Warnemünde and enjoy the first warm days of summer (hopefully there will be plenty of them to come!).


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