The “Seawolves” – NBA feeling in Rostock

Regularly by the beginning of October, when the outside air temperature begins to drop and Rostock’s alleys turn into a dark foggy loneliness a la “Sherlock Holmes” there is one energetic place where people join together to see thrilling Basketball.  In case you have one of these weekend days when nothing but junk determines TV papers or film guides, check the game schedule and take yourself (of course it’s more fun with a friend) to the “Rostock-Stadthalle” to watch the “Seawolves”. The well-lit arena with seated stands along the court will give you an unforgettable atmosphere. Especially when 1300 people are cheering the players to a frenzy of jump shots and dunks. The ticket prices range from 8 to approximately 40 Euros depending on seats.  Nevertheless the best place to feel the crowd is the “Orange Block” located directly behind the hoop. Here where the fanbase is making noises with hands and drums you will be carried away by enthusiasm for basketball. The advertising board gives you the opportunity to clap the rhythm. But be aware that standing and whopping for almost 60 minutes requires a certain amount of energy. At halftime you can buy beverages or snacks at the counter to fulfill your reserves. It’s also the time when someone from the audience gets chosen to hit the half-court shot. If you want to be the lucky house winner at the end make sure to buy a lottery ticket before the basketball game has started (1 Euro). Usually the half time event finishes with a dance show from the cheerleaders.

So seen from this perspective Rostock’s second league basketball has as much as the big clubs in the NBA. It’s obvious that you will not see players like Dirk Nowitzki or Kobe Bryant flying across the court but you will definitely experience the “fire” from the Seawolves fans.

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