Grillstube BROILER in Warnemünde

Looking for a cult-restaurant in Rostock also very much loved by locals which will provide a glimpse what it was like living in the 80s/90s in Rostock as a young adult? Then you should definitely visit the Grillstube Broiler (also called “Broiler Bar” by the local inhabitants) in Warnemünde. It’s located in the tall white building you can see from afar, which is called “Hotel Neptun”.


At the Broiler Bar, you can choose from a variety of dishes: roast chicken with ketchup, roast chicken with Zingara sauce, roast chicken with curry sauce, … You see, you will definitely find something you’ll like if you loooooove chicken (and are not a vegetarian, sorry!)

This restaurant was pretty iconic back in the 80s/90s, and young adults spent lots of time there. It is still very popular, so it’s hard to get a seat in there (it’s always good to be punctual or bring some time with you because you can’t make a reservation).

The Broiler Bar is already 45 years old and has been renovated, but in keeping with the old design. That’s why it’s also popular by locals who spent their younger years in there.

Where do I know this all from? I am not as old as you might imagine right now. My parents spent their youth there and still fancy talking about the “Broiler Bar” and “the good old times” (like parents often do, you know). Once in a while, they eat there and come home with a big smile, telling me the broilers still taste like the ones they ate in the past and that the restaurant even still looks the same. It’s too cute to watch.

So all I hope for you is that you try out the Broiler Bar and come out as happy as my parents. Then you will likely have had an awesome nostalgic time there!

P.S. Additional information: Broiler is the East-German word for roast chicken 😉

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