Diving Dog in Baltic Sea

Spring always seems to come soon and summer even sooner. I have a very active dog and his name is Noah. He is that kind of dog that needs action to at least 2 3 times a day. We both enjoy going for a walk – he often more than I do. Noah is a nearly two year old Labrador. My grandma guessed that his that kind of dog who needs a lot of work for his body and mind. Labradors are very intelligent animals and learn trick very fast. Noah for example is able to open our back door. Some of you might know that Labradors love water and swimming, and Noah is no exception. I really love the Baltic Sea, maybe that’s why I searched for a beach at the Baltic Sea where I could take Noah with me. One very nice beach for both humans and dogs is in Heringsdorf at the Insel Poel. It lies in the East of Rostock around 70km away. You can easily reach Heringsdorf when you drive over the A20. It is not possible to reach Heringsdorf only by public transports. You can go by train from Rostock’s main station to Wismar’s main station and then you have to use a car to go further on to Heringsdorf.  On May 1st, I took Noah, and we visited that lovely beach. A broad area with soft and white sand leading directly into the Baltic Sea, no stones or cliffs. When you come down the road from the parking zone the “normal” beach right in front of you is segregated from the areas where it is allowed to take your dog with you. They are on the left and right side and you can orientate on the signs you find there. When you go right you follow a small way with some trees on your sides until you reach the place where you can go down to the beach. Noah and I had a really joyful trip. Smelling the salty water and having wind in your hair refreshing, relaxing and takes all your sorrows away. Noah enjoys diving after stones I had thrown into the water. He always brought them back, and I have to be careful that he can find them; otherwise he would still be searching for them in the water. Sometimes this dog is crazy, because while he loose his interest in a stick which landed somewhere in a tree he gets not tired of searching for the stone in the water. It is always a wonderful experience for me, because it is fun and relaxing and time to escape for moment from everyday life.

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