Appetite for Asian Food?

If you are near the Ulmenstraße, you should definetly try this place.

The Hai Phong Bistro in the Ulmenstraße 20 offers many Asian specialties. From noodles to soups or chicken sweet sour, they have it all. One gets decent meals for small prices. Even as a student, who can’t see the cantina anymore, it is affordable. Most Asia Shops in Rostock offer either small prices and bad tasting food, or you have to pay a lot and get a mall plate- that if you are lucky, might taste good.

The Hai Phong Bistro cooks fresh, the kitchen is in the front of the restaurant, so the customer can see the hygienic condition in which his meal is being cooked. They might not have the best interior design, but the food is always fresh and one doesn’t have to wait for the order too long. The waitress is friendly and one can pay after eating the meal.

You should try this out. Might not look like a shop one would usually visit or think to get good food, but I give you my word: once you tried it, you’ll come back!

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