Every damn Wednesday

When I came to Rostock first of all I was concerned with organising all the university stuff. How to issue my timetable, where are the different faculties and how the hell is this stud.IP working? After getting kind of experienced with these procedures I asked myself the really important questions. Where can I engage in the world´s most favourite sport? So I went out and asked some friends if they know more than I do.

We began playing at grounds like the Lindenpark together with some mates. But after some weeks this was not enough anymore. We wanted to challenge other students. That´s why we founded our own team called Eintracht Waldkauz and started playing in the Rostock University League.

Each summer semester there are 16 teams who run for the title and the glory. For those of you who are still wondering what the blog´s title has to do with this, the matches take place on Wednesday from 4 to 8 pm at the Waldessaum. What expects you there is not a marvelous green pitch, but rather a dry and sandy field sometimes resulting in a ball bouncing around like crazy. Nevertheless this is not doing a harm. Anyway playing football in the University League first of all is about fun. It´s about meeting friends, doing some sports and having a beer or one more after the match. In good weather you can smell the taste of grilled steaks and sausages kilometres away from the Waldessaum as nearly every team is having a barbecue then. 

Despite all this there is also the ambition and desire to be quite successful. No one will find his team at the very bottom of the table which is uploaded after every matchday on the website of the Rostock University League. There you furthermore get an overview of the different teams and kick-off times. If you and your friends want to experience the unique atmosphere at the Waldessaum feel free to come around. Every damn Wednesday!

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