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The following blog deals with tips for public means of transport in Rostock. I was in Berlin to visit some friends at the weekend. My lift dropped me off at a tram stop, and I started figuring out what kinds of tickets I needed to buy. Suddenly, the urban railway arrived and I got on. I didn’t have enough time to pay for the little peace of paper; I didn’t have enough time to take a seat when the ticket inspector showed up in front of me – 60 bucks lighter. Daaaaaamn. What did I learn? You should always buy a ticket. Such a catastrophe! It’s always the same procedure: you arrive in a new city and don’t know how to deal with the local transport because the price systems are different.

Nobody wants to be in the same situation; therefore I’ll be your man to avoid such things. I’m quiet happy not to live in a huge city like Berlin so we’ll get through this business.

The good thing about Rostock is that the company which arranges the transport (RSAG) has a website in English. Firstly, it offers a special programme and lots of information for refugees in Rostock under the following link. Secondly, the website provides lots of information on all the different kinds of tickets; there are some important ones you should know about. Buying a ticket gives you access to the trams, the buses, the suburban trains and the ferries. The single ticket, which cost €2 is good for you, when you travel to one destination. You can change between the different kinds within 90 minutes. But if you need more than 3 single tickets a day I’d recommend the day ticket, which cost €4,90 and allows you do use all the different kinds of transport a whole day. Note, that there are always reduced prices for younger people. Concessions are for children in the age of 6 and 14. Thirdly, the RSAG company offers a special ticket; the RostockCard is a city pass for 24 or 48 hours and includes more than 120 additional offers: a free guided tour in Rostock and Warnemünde; discounts on city tours, harbour tours, sailing trips, boat & bike rentals, fashion, souvenirs, at the Zoo Rostock, entrance tickets, events and so forth. Just click on the following link for more information.

I will also tell you where you can find an information stand, where friendly and dedicated people will provide you the latest and best information on tickets and prices though they may use “hands & feet” during their advice. You can have access to information at the central station and at Doberaner Platz right next to “Subway”. Fore more information see the map below.

I hope I could help you to get along well in Rostock. There is something you’d better understand: don’t travel without paying for the ticket.




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