Second take! Spotlight on the li.wu.

Okay people, I really love going to the movies, but sometimes the choice of movies is really unimaginative, and I have the feeling most movies have a similar plot. You often just have a few options, which make it hard for me – as a picky person when it comes to movies – to decide. That can be really disappointing. Oh and don´t forget the amiss translations from the few movies with a different original language than German. That can be even more disappointing.

Rostock offers a fantastic solution for this kind of problem – the li.wu. That stands for the Lichtspieltheater Wundervoll (movie theater marvelous), which opend in 1993 and specializes in showing ambitious movies that are often not shown in the mainstream cinemas. The best thing about the li.wu is, that it shows the movies in their original language, which means no whackily spoken translations ;-)!

They also have another great bonus: they also provide group presentations li.wuor presentations especially for school classes besides outside of their opening hours.

Now you probably think that it must cost a lot. Think again! They have prices that are affordable for everyone and remarkable cheaper than the mainstream. At the li.wu a single ticket is €6 and for children until 12 years it´s €3 and for their parents it´s €5. The prices at CineStar generally range from €7 and €11,30 , especially as everything is being pushed at the 3D premium these days (single ticket ranges from €10 up to €14,30). As you can see it´s very family-friendly.

Be aware that the li.wu has two locations in Rostock where they show movies (Barnstorfer Weg 4 and Friedrichstraße 23).

Check out their program online and get ready for a whole new movie experience here in Rostock.

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