One of the Best Dealers!

After the little introduction to my secret peccadillo, in the coming Blogs I want to describe the best dealers of cold gold in Rostock.

An awesome ice cream service shop is close to my home – right in the heart of the KTV (Kröpeliner-Tor-Vorstadt), pretty close to the Magarethenplatz. This dealer fits perfect in this district with its inhabitants

  • young and refreshing people, like the paste they sell,

  • many alternative people, like they paste they sell (licorice ice cream and tons of different flavors everyday)

  • lots of bars with alcohol, like the paste they sell (Beer ice cream, Cuba Libre ice cream)

The location with the amazing stuff I speak about is the “Eisscholle”. As already mentioned it is in the KTV of Rostock and a bit hidden, but once you found the dealers spot, you found the heaven on earth. They flavors are self-made and taste EXACTLY like they are made of. So if the flavor is called “Cuba Libre” it is freaking Cuba Libre. Once your tongue is tangent to the dope, you will be directly beamed into a sun longer in Cuba – no joke! I don’t know how, but they make every flavor something special, something unique, something legendary. You will not regret a visit, trust me.


Another special thing about the “Eisscholle” are the 10,000 different toppings you can add on top of your ice cream. For the younger abusers among you – gummi bears, koala bears and smarties and and and….

I could go on forever, but trust me, this dealer always delivers right in the KTV – except when they are closed 😉

My personal tip: You should try Cookie ice cream there!

Opening hours: Mo – Sunday 11am – 21pm

Prices: 1,20€ per scoop

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