Eating Healthy on a Students Budget in Rostock (1) – The Canteen

Eating Healthy on a Students Budget in Rostock (1) – The Canteen

294Let me be honest with you: this blog won’t tell you how to live like Jamie Oliver and have one gourmet after another; however, what this blog will show you is that you don’t have to be Dagobert Duck to get healthy foods.
Ok, grass fead meat and various organic products are very healthy, but let me tell you that 300g of that will cost you as much as three healthy meals in the canteen in Southern Rostock.

Yes, there are times as a student when cooking or preparing meals doesn’t fit in your packed schedule before a test you just started studying two days prior for. And now be honest; we have all been there and done that. Ah, no time to cook meals means I can stuff myself with 1kg of chocolate and cookies all day long. Don’t be that guy.

If you are like most students, you will spend the last two days before a test in the library anyways, so just walk to canteen next door. This guy would probably manage under 5s. Even if it takes you just slightly longer, a great variety of food awaits you in the canteen, which has been awarded various times for being one of the best places to eat for students.

Now the one million dollar/euro question: what to put on your plate?
The largest portion should be vegetables, for example spinach or broccoli, they provide you with vitamins and minerals, so all the good stuff you need to be healthy and happy. On top, they have almost no calories and satisfy your hunger. This brings us back to chocolate again; let me paint you a picture here; You can either eat one bar of chocolate and consume around 550kcal. Or you can eat 550kcal by eating ten apples (not that I’d recommend thus for you). Got the picture?

Now you have the foundation for every healthy meal. Next is my favorite part of the meal: meat, fish (also provides you with healthy omega3 fats), or if you are a vegetarian some other source of protein <3 Some examples are salmon, chicken or tofu.

At last, unless you have been on a low carb diet for a long time, your brain needs carbs to function properly. And remember, it had better function properly because your test is in two days!
This is also the cheapest part of your meal: rice and potatoes are very healthy carb sources, with no gluten and won’t cost you more than 1€.

Now take a break from studying and enjoy your meal. If you are on vacation, the canteen is a great place to meet very friendly people and ask them what is best to do in Rostock on your stay.

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