Café Käthe – more than a café

Café usually means a coffeehouse where you meet up with friends, talk for hours, maybe grab a bite to eat, and enjoy a nice cup of coffee. Café Käthe is a little bit more exotic. Of course, you can do all of the above there. Don’t mistake Café Käthe for your average coffeehouse, though — it’s a lot more than a café.

The area where Cafe Käthe is located is alive and awake, brisk and buzzing, cheerful and creative. It is the place in Rostock were you see an insane amount of students, the cultural heart of the town: the KTV. Cafe Käthe is a café / pub / cocktail bar / restaurant / venue for singer-songwriter music, slam poetry sessions, and cabaret. I’ve been there once and had a tremendous Chicken Curry with fresh mushrooms and onions, while enjoying a beer and listening to a soothing singer-songwriter. So, if you’re into food, drinks and entertainment – and, seriously, who isn’t –, Café Käthe is the place to check out.

Café Käthe on a sunny day


You can choose from a variety of top class dishes from breakfast to dinner. As you might have guessed, I highly recommend the Chicken Curry. Many other dishes sound very promising as well, though. Every Sunday they offer a tasty and rich brunch to tame your likely hangover for which you’d better make a reservation. You may check out the menu in advance or just let it come to you.

If you’re more into sweets, you can also get your cake on. Café Käthe is a coffeehouse after all, and what fits a cup of coffee better than a piece of cake?! (Dear British, keep calm – of course you can get tea, too.)


The food is amazingly delicious and so is the beer. Apart from Lübzer, your local lager, be sure to at least try the dark Köstritzer. It’s not for me, because I’m not into dark beers and ales, but you’ll never know unless you try… If beer isn’t your thing, you might have a look at the variety of cocktails. Café Käthe has a beautiful courtyard, which is the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail. It’s opened once it’s warm enough. Well, of course you can have fun without alcohol and the friendly waiters are always at your service.


Not only the food and drinks are one of a kind — the taste in music is extraordinary as well. The pub culture in Germany is different from the English. You don’t get too many bands and musicians in pubs. A pub is generally a place where you drink in your close circle of friends and that’s it. It so happens, though, that not every German is satisfied with that. Café Käthe offers a wide range of musicians from singer-songwriters to bands – some Irish folk, some rock, some country… You name it. On special occasions, you might also see some cabaret or a poetry slam.

Now, what’s most appealing about Café Käthe is none of the above: It’s the combination. Why not end your day with a glass of cold beer and a warm snack while enjoying live music?! Food, drinks and entertainment – Café Käthe is definitely more than a café. And what more can you ask for.

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