A little move your body, never killed anybody

You want to meet new people? You want to get in shape for the summer? You want to try something new? At the university´s Hochschulsport Rostock you get the all-inclusive-package for sports. There are over 250 courses with over 6000 free spots every semester. They even provide Hula-Hooping. Hula-Hooping! I mean, haven´t you ever dreamed of getting better at Hula-Hooping? Apparently you can do more with it than just circle it around you and there is actually a number of people who share this very exotic hobby.  There is barely a kind of sport that isn´t provided  – so whether you want to learn something new or just do the sport you love: Hochschulsport will give you the chance to do it. In addition to that you can often decide between courses for beginners and experts.

beach trainerYou really don´t have to be shy about things you´re not good at – there are a lot of people that feel exactly like you. All the teachers in the courses I participated were very helpful and patient, even when it wasn´t easy with me sometimes. It took 3 semester of volleyball to teach me how to do a proper forearm pass and the trainer was still happy to see me every beginning course. You can simply book a course over www.hochschulsport.uni-rostock.de and a new experience, interesting and open-minded people, creative and patient teachers or your dream-body will get instantly closer. The usually 3-month-long courses cost between €15 and €45. Three month in a fitness gym cost about €60-100 and they aren´t providing such a broad spectrum of courses. If you already have a profession and want to share it with others in order to teach them, the Hochschulsport always welcomes new trainers. But no matter if you´re the trainer or the trainee, moving your body can be very good for your health and improve your skills.



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