Holi Festival Rostock

Have you ever heard of “Holi” before? If not, you should go to the IGA Park in Rostock on the 6th of September and experience the most colourful open air music festival ever.

The “Holi Festival”, also called the festival of colours or festival of love is an ancient Hindu spring festival and celebrated in the whole country and for the third time we

Festival of Colours
Festival of Colours

bring this festival to Rostock.
Imagine it like this: thousands of people dancing to live music outside in the sun…sounds like an ordinary music festival. But this one is a bit different. Everyone of the thousands of people gets coloured dry powder either in bags or cans. At a sign everyone throws the powder in the air. Bright colours everywhere; in the air, in your hair, on your clothes and skin. It’s like being surrounded by a rainbow. If you still can’t imagine how that looks like, check out this video.
This year the music will be provided by Hanne und Lore, Flicflac and 2Elements.
You can get tickets and also t-shirts here.

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