Café Kuhstall – in the MOOd for coffee ???

Do you need time to relax or just a break to get some coffee and
tasty cake?

Then Café Kuhstall is a good address for you. It´s located in Sagerheide, at the B110 near Sanitz and Rostock – amidst nowhere but surrounded by a lot of green and a pretty landscape which during the summer evokes a marvelous summer picture and invites you to go for a walk or a nice bike trip. Moreover a trip to Rostock and Warnemünde – our lovely east coast – isn’t very far away, as well as to the lake in Groß Lüsewitz– fun for the whole family! For friends of nature there is also the national park Carbäktal.

The lovely Café Kuhstall
The lovely Café Kuhstall

I discovered this place randomly together with my beloved friend Lizzy because on our journey we spontaneously had a craving for cake or ice or whatever … just something reaaally tasty, fully under the motto “a minute on the lips, a lifetime on our hips” (unfortunately! 😀 )!

The seductive charm of this Café directly won my heart. It is very plain and simple but smart. A good place to have a nice chat with friends and to leave one’s cares behind, above all because it is very quiet there.
The Café is of peasant-style, very woody, but in combination with friendly colours of red and yellow and a lot of flowers it appears very welcoming.

Inside the Café
Inside the Café
outside the café

Lizzy and I had a yummi strawberry-ice cream bowl which I can definately recommend to you.

The gorgeous and unbelievably tasty strawberry-ice cream bowl :)
The gorgeous and unbelievably tasty strawberry-ice cream bowl 🙂

Besides offering food and drinks as a café and restaurant you have the chance to celebrate at the premises of Café Kuhstall – from small family parties up to larger communities about 120 persons. Have a look here for more information! Additionally, you can stay overnight if you like to, maybe just to tick off the item “sleep in a barn for one night” on your to-do-list! 🙂 Among us, the barn is furnished very modern and adjusted according to the customers, but nevertheless I think it would be worth one’s while – as the idea of taking an icy time-out was for Lizzy and me.

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