Uni-Liga Rostock – Football for the amateur enthusiast

Do you count yourself among those who don’t need a finely mowed turf to have quick match of football? Who don’t crave for a huge stadium with a comfy seat to watch a game? Then, fellow friends of amateur football, rejoice! I present to you the perfect spot to feel the spirit of MV football: the “Uni-Liga Rostock”, where smut and sweat is worth more than technique and tactics.


The “Uni-Liga Rostock” is the official football league of the University of Rostock. But don’t get yourself fooled by the official title. This league is not meant to be exclusively for the most competent players at the university, often regularly trained by coaches. Anybody who’s currently enrolled at the University of Rostock can participate in a team – Even if just here for a semester abroad. Many of the teams were established to represent a specific subject of study, but that is often not the case, so the only thing really necessary is joy for the game – although some basic skills always come in handy.


What’s that from the less active-footballing-prone among you? Those who say they’re only here for a few days or just don’t care to play? That’s no problem at all. The league is also a great place for anybody interested in absorbing the atmosphere of a hard-fought match on a gritty pitch. Off-side of the two fields (there are always two matches going on at the same time) you will find a lot of spectators cheering on a team, players warming up to have a go in the next round, and people putting up barbecues after a match. It is strictly allowed to bring your own beer.

One of the hard-fought matches of Partizan Politik
One of Partizan Politik’s hard-fought matches


My personal, though not entirely unbiased recommendation for you is to watch Partizan Politik’s matches, the team in which I’m a member myself. Sure, you may look at the current league scores and say: “Um… You’re not even in the upper half of the table…” Albeit, I’d argue that you won’t find a better experience of a typical Wednesday afternoon at the university league anywhere else. This league is not just about scores but about fighting spirit, and Partizan Politik’s games are the perfect embodiment of just that.


If I’ve got you hooked, you can see the match times and dates here. Every Wednesday during the summer semester is usually matchday, with games from 4 to 8 PM. They all take place at “Am Waldessaum”, which you can easily reach by taking a tram to the “Zoo” stop.

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