Amateur theatre in Rostock

Never heard of any stage play performed by Rostock´s students? Didn´t even know there was such a thing as amateur dramatics in this city? Prepare to be surprised: The following blog delivers a true insider tip; remarkable — not only to newcomers.

dionysos theatre group, 2011

Roughly 5 years ago, the “Dionysos Theater AG” (theatre project/drama group) was founded in order to offer a creative hobby to all students interested in acting. Since it belongs to the ´Heinrich-Schliemann-Institut für Altertumswissenschaften´ (Institute for classics and ancient history) at the University of Rostock, the project´s shows deal with topics of ancient history or classical myths in a manner extending from comedy to tragedy. Watching one of the performances is truly a great experience, at least for any theatregoer who cares more about energy and enthusiasm than about expensive costumes and a professional stage set:

The Cyclops - poster, 2013

The plays are either written by one of the members themselves or are modernized versions of genuine Greek or Latin stage plays. The actors don´t exclusively come from the field of classics; essentially, any student is invited to join the group. Following the example of Dionysos, the Old Greek god of wine, ritual madness and ecstasy, the theatre project creates a pleasant and humorous atmosphere for both its members and its viewers. LOVE OF ACTING is the constant and overall emotion that will be transmitted to you by passionate hobby actors.

felix quinquennium Neronis - poster, 2012

What remains to be said is that, usually, 4 plays are performed every year; plus occasional repetitions of stage plays if requested by a large audience. Traditionally, the drama group stages a production at the well attended Christmas party as well as the summer celebration for the ´Heinrich-Schliemann-Institut´ (advanced knowledge of the German language is required; the two other plays take place in the first week of every new semester).

Therefore, if you´re in this city around the time of the next performance: Look out for posters! (Especially near the Institute for classics and ancient history, Schwaansche Straße 3)
It won´t do any harm to give Rostock´s amateur theatre a chance, particularly since all plays can be watched FOR FREE!

 plastonesos - scene 4


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