Good-Grippin’ the Bunker

There have been several blogs about the Bunker in Rostock and what to do inside of it. But there is a possibility to do something on the outside: free climbing.


You might think to yourself: how the hell am I supposed to free climb a Bunker. Well, in fact we are talking about a 12m high building, above the ground, which some very ambitious people helped to open for free climbers. They came up with the idea of drilling holes into the unappealing outside of the old history-charged, blackish looking cube. These holes are used to screw the holds and grips onto and into them. Those colorful little climbing helpers made out of epoxy resin make at the least the backside of the Bunker look a little more appealing.


Those 12 meters do not sound like very much, concidering the greatest elevation in Mecklenburg Vorpommern is an astonishing 179m, but it’s pretty decent and in comparison the Bunker’s 12m are straight up vertical! Different routes with different levels of difficulty let everyone – after the “Partnercheck” – have a successful climb right from the start, but also challenge which pinch grips, side pulls, and underclings.

 Right now the Bunker does not have any equipment to rent but is open for everyone to bring in personal stuff and have a climb for just a little tip concerning money. The 2 hour ticket is 3€ and the 4 hour ticket 4€. Visitors are welcome for free. Opening hours are daily (just call them) and whenever there’s good weather.

Rostock also offers another nice opportunity if you are looking for a climb.

Have fun and make sure you enjoy the Bunker from the inside after you’re done on the outside. – Cheers!



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Hey out name is Rick and I am currently studying in Rostock but came from Berlin to the coast. Trying to become a teacher for English, P.E., and Drama in Education I started to life here during my social service in 2009. Besides the University of Rostock I am also attending classes at the HMT Rostock, which is a university for arts, acting, and music. After I finished an exchange to the US in 2005/06, I know what it feels like to be new to a city (country) and its society and how helpful some little insider tips can be. I hope this page will help you to get started in Rostock...however long your stay may be.

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