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Rostock, 18146

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Are you desperately looking for something to do – something that both challenges and entertains you? Do not despair! I´ll show you a solution. In Markgrafenheide, not far from Warnemünde/Hohe Düne, you have the oppurtunity to visit a climbing park. It is perfectly situated in a little wood directly at the beach. Even if you´re a total newbie with absolutely no experience, you can go for it. The supervising Team introduces you to the dos and donts of the park and after a short crashcourse you´re ready to go.



Yeah Right, you might say, climbing a tree… boooring! This park will teach you better! There are three different courses with rising level of difficulty. The beginners course just provides the basics and is not really challanging. When I am not mistaken, the highest point was three meter. The medium course was big fun. It was fast, high and contained long slides that lead you straight through the forrest. After I ‘ve finished the medium course my motivation reached unknown levels and I decided to go for the advanced course… I should have listened to my guide, who frankly warned me in advance, that an hour might not be enough time for course III.
It took me one and a half hour and got me to my absolute physical limit. Nevertheless it was a lot of fun and well worth the try! The course contained swings, balancing brigdes, massive slides, tunnels and more really creative elements – all that 10 to 12 meters up in the treetops. If you have an average level of fitness, contain a respectable physical condition and the urgent need for adventure, you should, no you must visite the climbing park in Markgrafenheide! (Benjamin Eggert)

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