Strawberry Time!

Hey folks,

I’ve great news for you. It’s strawberry time! Just this week, the cutely designed strawberry-selling-boxes from Karls “Erdbeerhof”(Strawberry-farm) opened. There are a lot of locations in Rostock where you can find such strawberry box. They sell strawberry baskets in 500 gramm or 1 kilogrammm at the “Saarplatz” or in “Lütten Klein” or “Evershagen”, just to name some locations. Just keep your eyes open, and you will find these boxes and the amazing taste of fresh and natural strawberries they contain.

Just try them, trust me, it is worth every cent. I have to admit, that they are a little more expensive than strawberies in the supermarket; at “REWE”, a 1 kilogramm basket costs 3,99€, and at Karls you have to pay 5,50€ (for a 500 gramm basket, 2,90€) but trust me, they are worth every extra cent. So, if you buy 1 kilogramm, you save 30 cent. I tried some Strawberries yesterday, and I was really satisfied, they are really great every year.

Karls Erdbeerhof is located in Rövershagen, and they have many strawberry fields there. If you have the time and are looking for a little adventure, go to Rövershagen and gather your own strawberry basket . See and feel where your food is coming from. Take the chance and have some fun. Wheather you buy some strawberries or collect your own, enjoy the strawberry time.

Best Greetings Felix Georgi



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