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We thought it would be great to explore Mecklenburg Vorpommern by bike. It’s cheap and chic as well as eco-friendly and EASY! Think we’re kidding? Of course, not. We’ve got all the information you need for cycling so that you only must take to your heel’s and enjoy your trip.
We thought that if you get to Germany by plane, you won’t take your bike along. Therefore, we searched for some possibilities to rent one. In the majority of the cases you may rent the bikes for a week but, by entering into an agreement, there should be the option to extend this time.
Unfortunately, most pages are in German, but we hope they can help you, anyway.


1-2-3 Rad


Fahrradverleih Altona

The next question we’ll help you with is the one “How to get to MV by bike?” To answer this, we found an interesting page that’ll help you to find your own way:

via Michelin

You can choose whether to go by bike, by car, by motorcycle or by foot. So everyone can choose their own particular way with all the things they’d like to visit and pass on their route.

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