A Trip to Kühlungsborn on the Molli in Pictures

Last weekend I took a trip from Bad Doberan to Kühlungsborn on the world-famous (well, it should be) “Molli” — a beautiful old steam train. It should be noted that Bad Doberan is the very opposite of what the German ‘bad’ could imply: it is really rather quaint, charming, and delectable: think more this bad rather than this; I was also quite shocked to meet Frank Zappa on my travels and find out just how significant Bad Doberan is for him.

Armed with nothing but a thick British accent, my mobile, and the €11.40 return fare, these are a few of the impressions I (and my mobile) were left with:

What are you doing here. taken by G. Vaughan
Molli arriving in Bad Doberan. Taken by Gareth Vaughan
Molli's there taken by Gareth Vaughan
Kühlungsborn from Pier 1. Taken by G. Vaughan
Kühlungsborn from Pier 2. Taken by G. Vaughan
Kühlungsborn Pier. Taken by G.Vaughan
Baltic Sea from Kühlungsborn Pier. Taken by G.Vaughan
Man&Child on Kühlungsborn Pier. Taken by G. Vaughan
Molli came to carry me home. Taken by G. Vaughan

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I am originally from the south of Wales in Britain and have been working at Rostock University since 2004. I have set up this blog to give Rostock's English students (and a few guests) the opportunity to both express themselves as writers and to share the kind of information on Mecklenburg Vorpommern that I wish I could have found when I first arrived and that I only found by living here or knowing people. Our envisaged audience are not confined to students or the young -- but certainly young at heart ;)


  1. Nice, the Man&Child Photos is pretty impressive (minimalistic and expressional! I hope the Molli-Tour was worth it, since the prices are high (but justified, since It takes a lot of energy to keep a train like this in service). Be excited for an article about Kühlungsborn!

  2. The biggest Tribute-to-Frank-Zappa-Festival is in Bad Doberan?!?
    That’s a quite unexpected information and needs to be observed more closely at the next Zappanale (17.08.2011 – 21.08.2011) *thumbs up*

  3. Wow, that sounds amazing. I might gonna do this on one of my free weekends. I wnt to Kühlungsborn with a bike once but getting there with Molli’s company sounds like fun!

    1. Thanks for the link Maria — I’ll have to think about summarising it in English and ammending or updating the blog. I really think it’s worth being aware of these things (in that I wish I’d have done a really more investigatory work prior to the trip now) to really get the most out of the day and sew the stories to the experience. Hope this helps others on their way.

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