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Hello again everybody!


Yesterday I visited the ‘LT club’, one of our greatest clubs here in Rostock, and interviewed one customer and one of the staff members.

In this club you have 3 floors with different music. On one floor there they play Charts ( so very current pop and house music ), one is Trash music ( most of the time music from the 80´s and 90´s ) and in the basement there is a small floor where they only play electronic music. In the summertime there is an additional floor outside sometimes.




1. Introduce yourself and your business to our readers!


Hi, my name is Martin and I have been working here since 2010 in every area of this club. Today I am a “bottle – collector”. The ‘LT club'(Club der Landtechniker à “agricultural technique” ) has existed since 1974, is a club for nearly everyone, and has space for a lot of people, for young and old.


2. Why should people choose your place? What are your special attributes?

We are one of the biggest clubs in Rostock and we have equitable prices, a great variety of drinks and some food, too. Our “umbrella lounge” is unbeatable and  the restaurant ‘Klock 8 next to the club and our own sport studio are pretty nice as well.



3. What is the best time to come to this location?


We are open from Thursday to Saturday. And well, I would prefer to party here on Saturdays because that is when the best music is played – and off you go! (smiles)


4. What would you recommend to order? What are your specialties?


Our specialities are our great variety of shots and long drinks and my favorite drink is our Cuba Libre.




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How did you find out about this place?

Well this is the favorite club of our friends and so it´s some kind of peer pressure I guess (smiles). And also there is a lot of advertisement in the form of flyers.


Have you been here before? – How regularly do you visit this place?

Oh yes! We´re usually here every week.


What did you order?


We ordered some beer and a few tequilas with cinnamon and orange.


Easiness of finding this place?


Good location for future plans?


Quality and Friendliness of staff?


Cost / Performance-Ratio?


Comfortable ambience?


Variety of Products?



Quality of DJ



Something you want to add?

The ‘Lt club’ is just a great location to meet friends and have fun until the early morning! (smiles)


Overall Score IN STARS





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  1. The LT is not everybody’s taste, but I like it because of the (mainstream-) music and cheap drinks you can get there; the special events such as the “teacher trainees-party” are just the best and are always funny. “LT-Day” is on Thursday and Saturday, on Thursday you’ll meet more students (They often stay at home over the week-end, outside of Rostock)

    1. I totally agree! It´s also nice that it´s quite big and the mass of people coming are noticed quite slow. Bad thing on days just some hundred people come to party :-O

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