A sunny Saturday at Hanse Sail 2011

I grabbed the chance to visit this year’s Hanse Sail. Fortunately, the weather was great on Saturday (unlike the other days before). As forecasted, the harbour area was very crowded – especially the primary routes in between all the stalls where you could buy anything from fresh bread to Cocktails. The latter one was very […]

Hanse Sail 2011 – The Event Of The Year

Once a year both people (around a million) and over 250 sailing ships from all over the world gather for the most important spectacular event called “Hanse Sail” in Rostock. During all festival days, you can take a look at various ships, whether old traditional sailing ships or modern yachts. The Hanse Sail can be […]

Bad Doberan – a lovely town

Bad Doberan is a small lovely town that lies 15 kilometres to the west of Rostock and 6 kilometres to the Baltic Sea Coast. With its charming historic city centre, Bad Doberan offers you a nice possibility to discover North-German architecture. The historic city centre with its small cafes, gifts, ceramics and arts are suited […]

The “Geisterwald”

At the Baltic Sea Cost between Warnemünde and Heiligendamm, you will find the small sea resort Nienhagen, with its mysterious forest called the Geisterwald (roughly translates to the forest of ghosts) immediately situated at the steep coast. Myths and legends have grown up around the beautiful forest, . derived, perhaps, from the sight of the […]

Warnemünde – The outpost of Rostock

Some kilometres north of Rostock, situated at the esturary of the Warnow directly at the coast, you will find Warnemünde. The sea resort is famous for not only its very affectionate and hungry sea gulls, but also for its broad long beach and its lighthouse close to the “Teepott”, both remains from the former GDR. […]

Lighthouse Warnemünde

Many of you may have already unknowingly seen the Warnemünde lighthouse on the film poster of „Shutter Island“.  Nevertheless, you have to see Warnemünde’s most famous sight, the lighthouse, in person. With its height of 36.9 meters it provides you a fantastic panorama view over the sea, the beach and the harbour of Rostock.   […]